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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  November 10, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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an intins people from the president on muslim relations. overnight, mr. obama arrived in south korea. -- an intense speech from the president on muslim relations. overnight, mr. obama arrived in south korea. we'll have more on that.
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let's take a look at the fits -- first light of this wednesday morning. good morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. tony is in too to bring us our forecast which is a good one, i think. >> yep. it is more of the same. tucker and i could record a couple of forecasts and leave them for you for all week because it is the same all week. that is a good idea. let's take a look at the current temperatures around the region. we start in the 40s, most of us. there are some 0s out there as well. most of us in the 40s. -- there are some 30s out there as well. winchester is at 40. ocean city, maryland at 48 degrees. we have mostly clear skies and we will for the bulk of the day today. there are clouds still in new england. that storm system still spinning around there bringing rain to portions of northern new england but that system is pulling way slowly but surely. they will get gradually improving conditions there. for us for today, mostly sunny
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skies, a mild afternoon. look for a high of about 62 degrees. that is a few degrees above normal. we'll have more on the weather coming up in just a little bit. >> julie wright smiling after the caps won their fisk in a -- their fifth in a row. how does the traffic look? >> i know. i'm so excited about that. university boulevard at meramec drive is where we had the westbound lanes blocked off because of a crash. southbound 270 on the brake headed out towards the truck scales. this is a typical volume delay we are dealing with this morning. pace improves out of germantown headed for the lane divide. 66 on the brakes leaving centreville this morning. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. neither the pentagon, norad or the military can explain it but a mystery over the southern california skies has a lot of people talking across the country p a local television
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news crew captured images of what looked like a vapor trail. one expert believes this was an airplane. federal officials say the public wasn't in any danger. the yait is not and never will be at war with -- the united states is not an never will be at war with islam. >> the president is in seoul for the g-20 summit. one of the biggest issues will be currency manipulation. the president is defending a move by the federal reserve to buy $600 billion worth of government debt making the u.s. dollar weaker. that is angering other countries who use the dollar as a reserve currency. it appears the democrats will keep the congressional
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seat in the 11th district in virginia. keith fimian conceded the race to gerry connolly. we have the latest in that alleged plot to bomb the d.c. metro system. virginia man believed to be involved has had his day in court. farooque ahmed pleaded not guilty to charges that he provided material support to terrorists and helped plan an tax -- an attack on four metro station. he waived his right it a speedy trial. it is now set to begin in april. he is facing up to 50 years in prison if convicted. we have an update on the shooting death of a tamper tam -- a teenager in the district. joseph sharp was killed. his friend was shot in the leg and survived. both were students at spingarn
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high school. in investigators say a woman went out to a dumpster behind her apartment building on scenic meadow drive on monday night and she says a man approached her and grabbed her and threatened her way well on and sexually assaulted her before he got away. a potentially dangerous drink that is becoming the rage on college campuses all across the country. washington state will take up a possible ban of the drink known as four loco. in our area, george mason university administrators are sending out these fact sheets about the drink talking about what is in it, what it can do to you. it's combination of caffeine and alcohol and it is making a lot of young people sick. the fda says its position is that these types of beverages are not in a category called generally recognized as safe. the fda does have concerned about the safety and legality of any drink that does not fall into that category. one d.c. fire and etch ms work
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says he has transported people who have gotten sick from drinking four loco. >> we find rapid heart rate, irregular cardiac rhythms and the patient has the altered mental status that comes along with large alcohol ingestion. >> a spokesperson for the company says people have safely mixed and consumed alcohol and caffeine products for years. a travelers worst nightmare. no air conditioning, no hot water and very little food. we'll get an update on thousands of people stranded in the pacific. what is going on here where
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the first of several tugboats has now reached a cruise shape that has been stranded in the pacific off the coast of mexico. a fire in the engine room cut power to the carnival splendor on monday. 4500 people stuck on the broken- down ship with no air conditioning, no hot water and very little food. tugboats will push the ship to san diego by late tomorrow but it could be diverted to mexico if it ends up taking too long to get back to california. the mystery off the shores of the sunshine state. florida fish and wildlife alert a bad slew of birds struggling in the water about a mile off land in biscayne bay. they ended up rescuing about 40 very weak turkey vultures, some of them covered in oil. they are land scavengers and rarely fly over water. scientists are baffled at how they got there. the birds are being nursed back to health. a muslim civil rights group crying foul after 17 people
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from a northern virginia mosque missed their flight to saudi arabia when their passports were temporarily seized. they are concerned the u.s. government is purposely district attorney laying the shipment of passports. they were apparently held up by security checks. the council is concerned that muslims are being singled out. when it comes to well- being, d.c. gets a top grade. there are some alarming statistics when you dig a little bit deeper. sunday sales. the big changes coming to some liquor stores and the region. why officials say they are doing it. we'll talk about that when we come right back. you want some fiber one honey clusters?
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gosh, pretty shot of the washington monument at 14 minutes after 6:00 on this wednesday morning. off to a nice start. >> it is. and it will be a nice day again today. a good day to get out and go
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down to the monument, enjoy some sunshine and mild temperatures across the region. temperatures will be a degrees our average high beginning today has dropped off to 59 degrees so starting to make that decline and get closer and closer to the low 50s and the 40s. but today will be a good one. let's jump right in. i want to show you the temperature trend graphic for the next few days. i think you'll like the trend. most of you will. there is your average, 59. we'll be above average for the next several days. thank you, thank you very much. lots of sunshine, folks. just glorious. 61 on friday. 63 on saturday. the whole weekend looks good at this point. current temperatures around the region, we are primarily in the 40s. this hour, we remain at 47- degree here in the direct. it is also 47 out at annapolis. frederick, maryland is cold. 4 there. 35 out in martinsburg. quantico is at 45 degrees at this time. here is a look at the satellite-
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radar composite for the mid- atlantic and northeast. we continue to have mostly clear skies. might a couple of clouds come here later on? sure, that is possible. it might be a little bit breezy but not like it was yesterday or the day before. the storm system up to the north and east pushing out. high pressure settling in. that will control our weather for the next several days. that is why we'll have nice, quiet conditions. that low pulling out. still, some scattered rain showers across portions of new england. new york city for today looks fine. clouds this morning but sunshine later on today. but much cooler than it is here. high only about 51 degrees. mild temperatures this afternoon. 6 # is your high for today and then for tonight, it will be a cool night. a little bit cooler than it was last night. a few clouds. 43 take -- 43 degrees for your lows in town. some cold are air working its
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way in here for the evening hours and then the weekend looks fantastic. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. let's get more on this morning's rush hour traffic from julie wright. >> talking about montgomery county, university boulevard westbound at meramec drive is where we had the crash. that was tying up the westbound lanes of the highway. outer loop of the beltway traveling west. southbound kenilworth avenue at the exit for 50. authorities are checking for a crash at this location. 359 on the slow side, duke street at seminary road. then the pace improves. 210 slowing from palmer road headed up towards kirby hill. lane are open in each direction right now at the wilson bridge. no problems reported on the beltway leaving annandale. you will find traffic flowing
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freely to and from the american legion bridge. southbound 270 on the top side, busy ride approaching and passing 109. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. back to you. >> thank you. the d.c. area ranks first in well-being among the country's 10 largest metropolitan areas. the american human development project report measures life expectancy, education and income among the five major ethnic groups. the washington region's top score is driven in large part by the high education and income levels of whites and asian americans living in maryland and the virginia suburbs. but there are clear contrasts laid out in this report. whites in d.c. have a life expectancy of 83. blacks, 71. that is the lowest for african- americans anywhere in the country an d.c. continues to have the highest infant mortality rate in the country. montgomery county executive ike leggett is expected to
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finalize a plan tonight to allow retail liquor stores to sell booze on sunday. the sales who begin on november 21st. the hours would be from noon until 6:00. this would be on a trial basis for six months. some people say the sunday sales could generate up to $2 million a year for montgomery county. veterans day is tomorrow but today, former service members are getting an opportunity to find work. maryland congresswoman donna edwards is hosting a veterans career and community fair. rareious u.s. federal agencies will there be with information on jobs and health care, housing services and even more. for nonveterans who are looking for employment, career tips or information on job fairs in our area, can you go to our web site, check out the job shop. concerns over the new 787 has boeing stock slumping. we just got finished with halloween but let the holiday shopping begin. there is a new spending survey just out this morning. we'll talk about that in our business beat coming up next. 
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the 787 suffers another setback and boeing suffers in the markets and it is also time to start thinking about holiday shopping. adam shapiro with fox business network is live in new york with our business beat this morning. good morning. where are futures this morning? >> right now, we've been going back and forth, positive and negative territory. a lot of this has to do with anticipating of the federal reserve getting ready to buy u.s. debt. the u.s. treasury will be auctioned this morning. bottom line for you and me, for the fed does go ahead and get its share of this debt, it will weaken the u.s. dollar and that would get people to come back into the stock market. so we might see a return to positive territory this morning. on boeing, you just mentions that, their share price down and that has to do with an emergency landing that that aircraft you see right there, the 787 dreamliner made an emergency landing on a test
6:24 am
flight in laredo, texas after an electrical fire on board the aircraft. nobody hurt. the safety systems kicked in and worked appropriately according to boeing but now they have to figure out why they had a fire in the first place. the 30 to 40 people all got off safely. one other thing is what is going on with the holiday shopping sales. a lot of retailers are starting to put the sale in already even though we haven't gotten to thanksgiving just yet. but it is not boding well, is it? >> i isn't out a note to the producers and i referred to this as why did godzilla wreck christmas? here is what ci ti. is telling us. a couple of numbers. 45% of americans expect to spend less. 78% of us will stay home this holiday season, not even drive the hour to grandma's. so sorry, granny. and nearly half of us will cut back on the cost of the gifts
6:25 am
we'll be giving. i have a quiz for you. what part of country, north, south, east, west, who is going to spend the most. who is going to spent the least? >> i'll say the south will tend the most and the west will spend the least. >> you are a genius. the south is going to spend on average $987. and the west $778. so your relatives in california, don't expect much from hem. >> you know what? when you were talking about what people are going to be doing this holiday season, i was thinking that fits my bill. i'm not traveling. i'm working. i'm not spending as much so there you go. >> i guess it will being sock for your husband for the holiday. >> i guess so and t-shirts. thank you. we'll see you tomorrow. we'll have weather and traffic coming up next. plus a mystery missile over california. how the pentagon and norad are responding to this video which
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was captured by a television news crew. >> reporter: president obama deliver as a speech in indonesia ahead of the g-20 summit. i'm ainsley earhart. that story is coming up. ♪
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we take a look outside and it looks like a carbon copy of the last couple of days. >> very similar conditions. mostly clear skies. temperatures in the 40s. and with a start like that, you can be pretty sure that today will be pretty much a carbon copy of the last couple of days. here is a look at the temperatures or cons being reported right now at reagan national airport. 47degrees. relative humidity, 77%. i believe we've had the stats before earlier this week. winds out of the north at eight miles per hour. barometric pressure has been on the rise. here is a look at the satellite- radar composite. now, things are quiet here. high pressure controlling things. there are some clouds off the coast and some of those will push in to eastern portions of
6:30 am
the viewing area a little bit later on. still, our skies will be mostly sunny but there will somebody clouds out to our east a little bit later on today. lingering precipitation in new england. that remains to the north an gradually pulls away from the coast. forecast for us for today looks like this. a 199one. mostly sunny skies. a mild afternoon yet again. high again in the low 60s. yesterday, it was 63. today, we think it will be about 6 # degrees for your high. not bad at all. that is what is happen with the weather. coming up in about 15 minutes, today's ask the weather guys question is all about music and the impact it has on us. >> this is right up your alley. >> yes, it is. a good one too. >> all right. now, let's get to julie wright and get a look at traffic. >> does that mean we get to do the happy dance? >> yes, i believe you will be able to. >> really? >> yes. >> i'm going to kick off my heels. you be ready for that. here we come.
6:31 am
we are talking about the beltway. if you are traveling westbound 495, you will find lanes are open but the pace slowing 95 to georgia avenue. southbound along 270, picking up the usual suspects headed southbound but you slow as you approach and pass 109. inbound i-95 slowing here headed across the occoquan. 66 on the brakes in manassas approaching 28 in centreville. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. president obama arrived in south korea this morning where he is getting ready to meet other world leaders for the g-0 summit. the president gave a speech to university students in indonesia. as ainsley earhart showed us, he sometimes spoke in indonesian. >> reporter: that message from president obama during an intensely personal speech to
6:32 am
6,000 people in jakarta, indonesia. >> i don't think any of us could have anticipated that one day i who come back to jakarta as the president of the united states. >> reporter: mr. obama says more effort is needed to improve ties with muslims just hours after visiting the largest mosque in southeastern asia. >> just as individuals are not defined solely by their faith, indonesia is defined by more than its muslim population. but we also know that relations between the united states and muslim communities have frayed over many years. as president, i have made it a priority to begin to repair these relations. >> reporter: the president spoke of cooperation among nations but also among people from those nations. >> i can promise you, no mat are what setbacks may come, the united states is committed to human progress. that is who we are. that is what we have avenue done and that is what we will do. >> reporter: the next stop for president obama, the g-20 summit. >> gone are the days when seven or eight countries who come
6:33 am
together to determine the direction of global markets. that is why the g-20 is now the center of international economic cooperation. >> reporter: the g-20 summit begins on thursday in seoul, south korea and is being held in asia for the first time. nations are set to tackle a number of that range from currency problem to beefing up supervision of large banks and other financial institutions. a bit havana handshake flap between the first lady and the indonesian information minister. he calls himself a conservative muslim who avoids contact with women outside of his family. he claims the first lady forced him to shake hands with her by extending her hands too close to him. the video shows a different story where he appears to grab the first lady's hand without hesitation greeting her with a big smile on his face.
6:34 am
ate mystery over the skies of southern california. >> neither the pentagon nor the military can explain what some are calling a mysterious missile. sarah simmons has a closer look at this. >> reporter: everyone is short of shrugging their shoulders but some are poke being holes in the missile theory saying it appears to alter its course. what is disturbing here is, even for the trail was caused by an airplane, no one is confirming it. the video was shot by a cbs news helicopter in los angeles. the camera pointed west over the pacific ocean around 5:00 monday afternoon. >> interesting to see how much of a tizzy everyone has gotten into today. >> reporter: sam legrone covers
6:35 am
navy and maritime issues for any's defense weekly. he says norad, the north american aerospace defense command is calling to an unexplained contrail. >> norad has said that, whatever it was wasn't a threat necessarily to the united states or canada or a foreign missile launch. beyond that, they have offered no other explanation. >> reporter: the former commander of the u.s. navy sixth fleet says he can't believe this was an accidental launch from a navy ship or submarine. >> i just can't conceive of an example where it could be just done by sheer accident because there is never just a one-man push the button operation. there are always at least a couple of people involve as i failsafe. >> we are still trying to figure out what it was. >> reporter: the mystery missile sighting is leading television newscasts an making newspaper and web site headline across the country. >> this is a contrail from an airplane and it looks very much
6:36 am
like a missile. >> reporter: he says conspiracy debunkers say the most plausible explanation is that thises with a yet plane and its contrail distorted by atmospherics. >> as someone who covers this, you are hoping the mystery gets involved? >> absolutely. it's been driving me nuts all day. >> reporter: the faa took i look at its radar images from that day. it says there were no unusual sightings. norad says no schedule launches and not a foreign military missile. and they also tried to reassure the public by saying there was no threat to the u.s. homeland so this is still a complete mystery this morning. >> weird but a lot of people talking about it. thank you. the tom delay money laundering trial picks back up this morning. under texas law, corporate money cannot go directly to political campaigns. some courtroom observers are
6:37 am
beginning to question the strength of the prosecutor's argument. the chandra levy murder trial continues this morning after a six-day hiatus. jurors will like hi hear -- will likely hear from other inmates. the six-day break in the trial had been scheduled because of a calendar conflict. elizabeth smart will take to the witness stand again today giving jurors the detailed system of her nine- month ordeal. we'll get more on this trial from ben winslow. >> reporter: elizabeth smart was the sole witness today reliving the nine months she spent as a prisoner of brian david mitchell. she described how mitchell stripped her of her identity and gave her a new name. she was told to stop talking about her parents and call mitchell and wanda barzee mom and dad. she had to burn the red pajamas she wore the night she was
6:38 am
kidnapped. she saved a safety pin and a piece of a sole of tennis shoe. she was raped nearly every day, forced to drink, smoke signify rates and view pornography. mitchell had proclaimed she was his wife and he wanted more. she testified about a plot to kidnap her cousin and another girl near san diego. both plots failed and he had an an excuse. he came back and said we weren't ready to receive another wife just yet. in california, she steeved mitchell was arrested for getting drunk and breaking into a church. she and wanda barzee were left alone at the campsite but they had no food. the last real food she had was a heel of bread with mayonnaise. barzee ate nothing. it started raining. wanda and i struck up a tarp to catch the rain water so we who have something to drink. we also bathed in the rainwater. we would lie all day in the tent. the only times we would move was to go to the bathroom and
6:39 am
that was in a bucket five feet from the door. the prosecutor asked her at that time, were you in any condition to leave the camp physically? no, smart replied. >> that is fox's ben winslow reporting. >> we'll get a check on weather and traffic coming up next. awe big honor for one well known comedian. tina fey talks about being awarded the prize for humor. betty white had a couple of things going on here in the nation capital. more on that when we come back.
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a star-studded night at the kennedy center. >> some of the funniest people and biggest names came out to honor tina fey.
6:43 am
she received the mark twain award for humor. fey said she is dedicated to her job. >> i am a hard worker but i think so many of the people i know and people i came up with, we are all kind of like that, you know. and just stay until it is done kind of attitude. >> her friend were there to support her. lorne michaels was also there. >> actress betty white not only attended the gala at the kennedy center, she also received a special honor herself fulfilling a life-long dream. she was made an honorary park ranger. she says that is something she always wanted but back when white was a child, women weren't allowed to be forest rangers. >> in my heart, of a been a forest ranger all my life but now it is official. as excited i am and as grateful as i. , i know two people who
6:44 am
would be over the moon, my mother and dad. >> betty white says her first memories were rideing into the wilderness for week at a time with her father on horse back. i love that. that is so neat. all right. the weather is great for their visit here to d.c. >> absolutely. i mentioned this earlier because we have all these celebrities and i imagine many of them heading back to new york and l.a. today. you got fine weather conditions here. cooler in new york city today. about 10 degrees cooler than it will be here. >> they should stick around for a little bit longer. >> hang around. the weather here will be fine. let's take a look. we'll start with the bus stop forecast for those of you getting the kids ready for school this morning. not a bad start to the day. a cool start to the day. let's look at the current temperatures around the region. here in washington, we remain at 47 degrees again this hour.
6:45 am
gaithersburg, 45 degrees. it is 4 in frederick. there are still some cold spots out there in the 30s. 35 way out in martinsburg. annapolis is at 47 degrees. we've got mostly clear skies. a couple of clouds here and there pushing down into our region but northeast part, clear skies, that is what we will have for the day. mostly sunny conditions. high pressure really settling in and that will keep things calm an quiet for us for the next several days. there is your area of low pressure pulling way from the coast t will take the clouds with it but it will take some time for those clouds to move out of new england. there are still some lingering rain showers up there. for us though, the forecast for today looks like this. lots of sunshine, mild temperatures this afternoon. high in the low 60s again, just like yesterday. 62degrees for your high. five-day forecast, more of the same, really quiet conditions
6:46 am
for the next several days. temperatures, highs in the low 60s. overnight, 40s and 30s. we'll see a lot of sunshine through the weekend. it is time now for ask the weather guys. today's question comes from john in winchester, virginia. he asks, why is it that you get goose bumps when someone sings? it depends on the song. it has to be a song that is particularly moving to you. but yes, some people do get goose bumps when they hear a certain song. first of all, we thought we would try to establish this scientifically right here on this show and one song that always does it for me, i will play a little bit of it. i think we have the video for it as well. it is a classic from the '70s.
6:47 am
can we hear a little bit of the captain and tenille. & doing the town and doing it right &&. >> does that bring back memories being tucker? >> that does it for me. >> i get goose bumps because i am frightened to death. >> i'm frightened that you picked this. >> i picked this on purpose. i think it is a terrible song. i think it is one of the worst songs. >> now, you will get the edmonton mails. >> any song in particular that does it for you? >> it is just bittersweet is somewhere over the rainbow. >> i thought about that this morning. >> i love it but it make me sad and -- >> i want to play something for you. this is one that we thought might give you goose bumps because we know you like neil diamond. ♪ sweet caroline &&.
6:48 am
>> you love neil diamond. i love that song. >> steve, we picked out one for you. >> i can't wait to hear this. >> let's see for this one does it for steve. it is lady gaga. >> now, we are feeling it. i'm getting the goose bumps. >> are there any songs that give you goose bumps? >> i thought long and hard about this. there was one song that back in the day, but if i had to say, this was this one. i wanted to be this person's bodyguard. take it away. & and i will always love you &&. >> this is from the tenner side of tucker. >> and in all honesty, of all the songs that will give people goose bumps, it is this one. science doesn't really know why this happens. here what is they do know, that hearing some music for some people causes their chemical
6:49 am
reaction of dopamine in the brain which is related to your internal feelings of reward and punishment, fear, reward, pleasure, primal emotions like that and that is what can trigger goose bumps. it is primarily a reaction it fear or cold but these emotions can get mixed up. it is a primal emotion just like pleasure. the release of dopamine may cause that to happen. some songs will do it for some people and other songs will do it for others. >> some songs make you cry. sometimes images will make you cry like a beautiful sunrise or something will macyou cry. i think dolly did it better -- or something will make you cry. i think dolly did it better. >> really? i think whitney improved on it. >> this song you are hearing right now, it is raining men.
6:50 am
this is one that gives julie wright goose bumps. >> let's check in with julie. at least my song, you could dance to. up like tucker. tucker's, you could but that is not your kind of dancing. >> i can't believe tony actually talked about the captain and tenille. >> they are a classic. >> maybe a little marvin gaye. >> speaking of that, his performance of the star spangled banner of the mba all- star game back in the '80s, that will do it for me. >> i like a little r & b in the morning. on the roads right now, we are looking at kenilworth avenue and headed southbound, you will find delays. accident activity down at benning road tying up the two left lanes.
6:51 am
the crew in sigh fox -- sky fox is with us. we do have a portion of the road here shut down at spring street. you can see the one fire truck on the overpass helping to extinguish this fire. we do have some sort of fire down here. a brushfire, not necessarily the building fire that was first reported. a lot of smoke out there on the roadway. the lanes are open if you are traveling on georgia avenue. no trouble spots to report along this stretch. if you are traveling in virginia, northbound i-95, crash at dale city has been moved over to the shoulder. up towards the gain leaving beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. there are some concerns this morning that the new metro station at dulles international airport could block views of the terminal. it is considered to be one of the greatest architectural achievements of the 20th century but virginia historic preservation officials say the planned metro station who have a profound implication on the views of the airport. metro now considering an
6:52 am
underground station but that would cost $640 million more than an outdoor station. after years of neglect, the national mall and surrounding monuments need a few sprucing up points and now the interior secretary wants to do just that. ken salazar was at the jefferson memorial yesterday to restore what he calls the front yard of america. the mall has a lot of areas with dead grass and some of the seawalls are sinking. we have a health alert for you and your children. a new report shows that stress is becoming a serious threat to american families he familiar -- especially to children i'm third of american parents say their stress levels are extreme and children who think their parents are stressed out are more likely to be stressed out too. we have a lot more to this story. for more information and advice on managing stress, can you go to, click on web links. san francisco is going to become the first major u.s. city to ban toys in mcdonald's
6:53 am
happy meals or any meal with more than 600 calories or 5% of a child's daily recommended calories from fat. a new ordinance also requires meals to include fruit or vegetables in order to meet the toy requirements. fast food representatives say this is no proof that new law will actually help children eat healthier. before a consumer alert about your cash register receipt. some are coated with bisphenol a, a toxic chemical liervegged to cancer and diabetes. one receipt maker wants consumers to know its receipts are bpa free. appleton is noting that its receipts are bpa free. one woman wrote disapparenting comments about her supervisor on facebook and she was fired. the national labor relationed board -- relations board is
6:54 am
taking her side. they say her remarks are protected speech. it is up to a judge to decide. the case will be heard in january. at 7:15 this morning, we'll talk mother about how much protection you may have while on facebook. we are big facebook users here at fox 5. >> our fox 5 fan of the day is coming up next. plus the capital movement dance company is performing this weekend at montgomery college at the performing arts center. holly is there to introduce us to the group. we'll check in with her after the break. 
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good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. and as you are making your weekend plans, you might want to pencil in a show on
6:58 am
saturday. and the show i'm talking about is the premier performance of d.c.'s next generation of dancers. we are live this morning at the performing arts center for montgomery college in takoma park and you can see we have a lot of activity. a last-minute practice. it is called movement of the people. and this is a special dance company because they are the most versatile in the area. they have hip-hop down, they have jazz down, they're going to do a little bit of ballet, contemporary and ballet and they fuse it together and put on an impressive show that will sell out on saturday night. this morning we'll find out more about the -- the dance company, who makes up the company and the mission in general in terms of capital movement inc. and what they want to get
6:59 am
across in the nation's capital. and i hear we're going to learn how to do something called the glide. i don't know what that is. but they told me to wear flat shoes, no heels today, so i can glide. that's coming up at some point. >> holly, you've often said you have the best job around here and our facebook fan of the day would agree with you. her name is carla braxton and when you retire, she wants your job. search fox 5 morning news and post a comment under carla's photo. thanks for watching and good morning to you. time to say good morning to allison and steve for the next few hours. >> good morning. coming up, president barack obama in south korea. after he makes a


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